Our Background

ISAFE's Leadership Team has been working together since 2002.  There has been a significant paradigm shift due to the impact COVID-19 has made upon data management.  No one has felt this more than the education community.  1-1 laptop initiatives have become more mainstream and students around the globe are learning remotely.

Due to budget constraints open education resources are being deployed requiring students to authenticate their identities online to track their progress.  Parents are becoming less informed as to how their child's identity is being used within a classroom day.  

ISAFE is an industry leader when it comes to student data privacy, digital citzenship and compliance.  ISAFE's programming and technology is instituionalized within thousands of school districts around the nation. ISAFE was established on what school districts have asked for: student data privacy protections combined with identity verification in alignment with CIPA/COPPA/E-Rate Compliance.

ISAFE In Today's Learning Environment!

ISAFE understands the interrelatedness of student data and the importance of ensuring privacy and security in this new disruptive learning environment. Students are now learning in an online social environment and are engaging with their teachers and peers online. 

ISAFE’s ecosystem of “trust”, for the education community, provides a seamless integration of data, is paperless, a time saver, facilitates collaboration between educators and parents and is a tool of engagement that integrates student data privacy compliance all while reducing costs.

Our Values

Our mission is to foster a universal safe digital landscape for families, communities, schools and users by building a robust online identity ecosystem centered around compliance and parental engagement when dealing with minors.


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Our Platform

ISAFE understands the interrelatedness of student data and the navigation to ensure privacy and security in this new disruptive learning environment.  With integrated Identity Verification (so you know the person signing is who they say they are) and incorporated compliance there is no other solution like ISAFE.  Utilizing a unique technology and verified information ISAFE  binds the identities of students with their parent and/or guardian.

What is more, ISAFE’s technology provides on-demand document creation, secure storage, multimedia integration, real-time implementation and dissemination. From a single dashboard administrators can track, monitor and report on notifications and requests that are crucial to risk managers and requires compliance such as Verified Parental Consent, Acceptable Use Policies and Parental Authorization for student participation in extracurricular activities, field trips and online activities.

Working With ISAFE Provides You With The Competitive Advantage In Making A Difference In Today's Global Economy. 

Fostering change with collaborative opportunities is what ISAFE offers.

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