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ISAFE Enterprises positions resellers with a unique competative edge in selling to their customers and within vertical markets.  Resellers have bundling opportunies  to strategically provide compliance, within an integrated enterprise solution, that aligns with privacy laws,  strengthens consumer relationships, mitigates risk and is cost effective for the customer. There is a significant revenue opportunity for resellers to participate in the ISAFE Authorized Reseller Program.

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The ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program Enables Our Partners To Sell, Service and Innovate By Leveraging Our ISAFE Direct Enterprise Technology Platform.

Our Reseller Program

The ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program enables our partners to sell, service and innovate by leveraging our ISAFE Direct Enterprise Technology Platform. Partners are encouraged to sell their own unique products along with our solutions which make compliance with privacy laws simple, strengthen consumer relationships, mitigate risk, preserve funding, and most of all inspire parents, students, and parents to discover and learn together online.

Increase Profitability

Successful sales and services partners build strong relationships with technology partners,  like ISAFE Enterprises,  to provide robust end-to-end solutions. By participating in our Reseller program your organization will receive a discount on the list price of our suite of products and can increase profitability by offering value-added services and products.

ISAFE's technology programming is deployed in all 50 states and 30 countries internationally. The value proposition ISAFE offers to Resellers is the ISAFE Direct Enterprise Technology Platform that  provides  compliance solutions that align to Federal legislative mandates. 

A Turnkey Solution

The ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program is an affordable and accessible learning platform. Schools experience simplified electronic document delivery, access to open education resource course material, and the platform includes integrated management with robust reporting all in one easy to use dashboard. The ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program is truly a one-stop digital hub for any classroom and is really easy to use regardless of the users technology skills.

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Learn about the exclusive benefits of joining ISAFE's Reseller program.

Solutions Sales

Overcome barriers to sales created by privacy laws & risk management

Training & Support

Live & packaged training enables sales leadership

Increased Profitability

Significantly discounted subscription rates increase partner margins

Strong Partner

Recognized expertise in education & youth market since 1998


Services are secure, scaled, easy to integrate

Sales Enablement

Professional, white label content supports customer engagement

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There are many advantages to working with ISAFE Enterprises. If you have questions on how to enroll in the ISAFE Enterprises Authorized Reseller Program, or would like to discuss the enrollment process, simply contact us.

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