Create An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) In Minutes

ISAFE Direct AUP provides an intuitive step by step guide to creating customized AUP documents. Our platform integrates with school directories and provides API's to deploy by department, group or by grade to monitor and report progress.

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Manage Your AUP Under One Convenient Platform

ISAFE Direct AUP allows a single administrator to set up an AUP within minutes that includes progress reporting built in.

Customize An AUP By Department, School, Grade, Teacher & Personnel

ISAFE Direct AUP allows easy-to-use customizable AUP plan creation.

  • Use ready-made templates or create your own
  • Insert rich topic relevant videos with a single click
  • Digital delivery creates a smooth experience
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Obtain Verifiable Parental Consent

ISAFE Direct AUP facilitates a higher certainty of true VPC:

  • Send requests to verified adults from your student information system
  • Integrates with ISAFE Direct VPC
  • Publish digitally and notify parents by email
  • Parents use a secure portal to review/sign
  • No personal information is exposed in the process

Save money

Many districts and schools use home-grown systems to create and implement their AUP process requiring a great deal of work and a cost of approximately $18,505. The ISAFE Direct platform is an integrated, cost-efficient platform for DOE's, Districts and Schools.  ISAFE's Platform also provides a value proposition and is cost effective for commercial markets.

Benefits of ISAFE Direct AUP

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