A Human Resource Digital Document Management Solution 

ISAFE Direct Role Guide is an HR digital document management solution  to communicate and disseminate to staff and/or temporary employees.

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ISAFE Direct Role Guide Transforms The Way You Share And Manage Human Resource Documents

As a human resource digital document management solution, ISAFE Direct Role Guide enables HR to manage documents efficiently so that more time can be spent on value-adding activities, such as staff development, retention, and support.

Simplify Daily HR Tasks

Sorting and searching for documents, as well as routing documents for review, signature and acknowledgement, has never been easier. ISAFE Direct Role Guide ensures documents are safe from theft and other threats.

View The Entire Life Span Of A Document

ISAFE Direct Role Guide allows HR Departments to know who has access to what and who stored, moved, shared or deleted documents through the entire life span of a document.

Role Guide also provides quick and immediate access to which documents an HR person may have missing and which are no longer needed.

Keep HR Documents In One Centralized Location

ISAFE Direct Role Guide offers convenient cloud-based storage. HR related documents can be downloaded, updated and deleted at any time.

Benefits of ISAFE Direct Role Guide

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